NEF Vocabulary. ex 6 a/ write strong adjectives

  • We had out English exam this morning. I hope I’ve passed.
  • Pete couldn’t answer any questions, so he thinks he has failed.
  • Our teacher said that we’ve all achieved a lot this year.
  • I’ve left you a list of instructions on the kitchen table. Make sure you follow them!
  • Meeting Bra Pitt was an amazing experience.
  • My sister left Werwick University after she got her degree.
  • Being able to use a computer is a very useful skill.
  • I’m thinking of going on a computer course.
  • You can only apply for this job if you’ve got a qualification in website design.
  • You’ve all made a lot of progress this year. Well done!
  • I always get nervous before I take an exam.
  • I made sure that I’d answered all the questions and then I handed in my test paper.

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